Appliance Care

Refrigerator maintenance tips
-Keep your Condenser Coils Clean
This is the most important thing to maintain on your fridge. If the coils are dirty, this will cut down on the energy efficiency, and your electric bill will be high for no reason. Because when the coils are dirty your refrigerator works harder than necessary. The coils are usually behind or under the refrigerator, you can vacuum them clean.
- Temperature Setting
Make sure your refrigerator is set to the correct setting (37 degrees). If its set too low, it will have to run more to cool to a lower temperature. It will sum up to making you paying more to keep you groceries cold.
- Keep your freezer full
The more food you store in your freezer the better your unit will maintain the proper temperature. There will be less air in the freezer that warms up when you open the doors.
- Don’t stand infront of your refrigerator with door open.
Every time you open and close your refrigerator/freezer, warm air enters. Then your unit has to work harder to get back to its correct temperature. A quick tip is to replace your inside light bulbs, because if you can’t see inside your fridge than your going to stand there with the door open longer. 

Dryer maintenance tips

When something is interfering with the air flow of your dryer, might cause the appliance failure and eventually a fire. Considering that we want to give you some tips, to maintain your home safe and your prevent your appliance to fail.
- The filter must be cleaned before every load
- Around three to four times a year wash the filter to remove invisible particles
- Once a year remove the duct to the exterior to make sure there is nothing obstructing it.
- A proper use of your dryer like not over loading and cleaning periodically  will extend the life of your appliance.
- Remove lint from the back of the dryer
- You can also use your vacuum to clean the small lint 


Washer maintenance tips
Periodic maintenance can keep your washer running smoothly and hold its efficiency to the highest,  we have some information that could give you hints to avoid your appliance malfunction.
- Usually when we have problems with our washer the most common cause is hose failure.
- Steel braided hoses are usually more resistant to rupture
- When a burst is about to happen, usually a big bubble will give you a waning before it actually happens.
- Avoid washing mats with rubber back, eventually the rubber may come out and clog the drain
- Over loads might end up on a motor damage
- When using a front load machine have in mind that using the detergent approved for high efficiency washers will improve your results and will prolong the washer life.

 Oven Maintenance tips
To have a good baking experience and to extend the life of your appliance and avoid larger and expensive problems.
- Keeping your appliances clean will help to prevent premature damages
- When cleaning make sure the oven if turned off
- Wipe the spills, when you turn on your oven and you haven’t removed the spills you will have smoke all around your house
- Keep the food leftover away from the burning areas that will provide a safe baking.
-The oven door must be closed if it doesn’t seal the heat will scape, your house might warm up and the utility bill will raise dramatically.
-Save energy by using the main oven only when required